marc does it again.

5:48:00 AM

i thought they couldn't get any cooler...then i saw the packaging

star earbuds

metallic jumble cover in black + dreamy logo cover  in talc
If Marc Jacobs was a drug, Shopbop would be my dealer. Shopbop always have such a fantastic array of Marc by Marc Jacobs collections, and with free international shipping, they are only fuelling my addiction. I've been lusting over the MBMJ 'technical accessories' for quite some time now and yesterday I received my parcel with the star earbuds and two iphone cases. Not only are these gadgets infinitely cool, but my purchase is also justified by the fact they are practical useful.  Fashion and function with a touch of luxury...what more could I ask for x

PS If you like what you see, check out this link for a purple dreamy logo cover

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