it's been a while.

7:43:00 AM

It's been 3 years and a lot has changed since my last blog post. Scott and I have packed up our lives in New Zealand and headed over to the other side of the world with a one-way ticket. Our final destination is London where we plan to set up again, but over the next few months we will be "of no fixed abode" as we travel throughout Europe in the hope of having some new and exciting adventures together.

As well as following our travels, I've relaunched this blog to document my outfits along the way. For anyone that knows me, you'll know that packing my wardrobe into the confines of the 30kg luggage limit is impossible. This left me with the heart-wrenching decision of which items came versus those that stayed behind but I'm hoping there won't be too much repeat offending. If only I was able to borrow Hermione Granger's beaded purse!

The first stop on our journey is London...see you there.

Sighle x

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