127 hours.

8:48:00 AM

Its hard to believe that a film could be successful when its about one man, in one confined location, for 100 minutes, but '127 Hours' does this flawlessly. Inspired by true events and the autobiography of Aron Ralston, the film is about a thrill-seeker who gets pinned between a rock and the canyon wall while climbing in the remote Blue John Canyon, Utah. In short, the film about one man's sheer determination, strength and will to live. Considering Ralston is trapped in one place for most of it, it's surprising how well the pace of the film flows and I never once felt bored. With so much screen time on one character, I felt connected to Ralston and could experience his journey, pain and decisions, making me wonder what I would do if I found myself in his situation. However, with several light-hearted moments, in particular Ralston interviewing himself, the film also manages to stay optimistic despite the dire circumstances.  James Franco is simply terrific in his one-man-show sort of role, he carries the film and his intense and emotional performance draws your attention and keeps you interested for the entire duration. Personally, I think it'll be a tough fight between Colin Firth and himself for the Oscar. Although it was brutal at times, I thoroughly enjoyed '127 Hours', and left the cinema with a smile on my face. It's definitely one of the best films i've seen so far this year x

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