spontaneous additions.

4:13:00 AM

mollini tanker
jeffrey campbell swansong
jeffrey campbell she-man
I went into town today to run some errands and alas, Andera Biani just happened to be having a two-day sale, so I thought I'd pop in for a quick look which turned out to be an epic fail...I left the store with 3 new pairs of shoes. But then again who can blame me when all 3 came to less than the original price of one? Not only did I get a pair of Mollini Tanker Wedges, but also two new additions to my JC collection, the Swansong and She-Man. I was going to get the She-Man in black, but couldn't bring myself to buy three pairs of black wedges in one go, so thought I would compromise and get the brown/multi. They're definitely a statement shoe and very different for me because they're so colourful. As much as I love spontaneous shopping sprees and bargains, I am now making a vow not to buy anymore shoes for a while. Honestly I don't know how long it will last x

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