black swan.

3:07:00 AM

I've been incredibly intrigued to see 'Black Swan' since seeing the trailer for the first time early last year. Since then, my anticipation has only grown which is strange as I usually shy away from films with elements of horror. However, 'Black Swan' has a perfect balance of psychological thriller, horror and drama that kept me guessing from the moment I sat down. It is the story of Nina Sayers, a fragile ballerina who battles with perfection to win the dual role of the Swan Queen in the company's production of Swan Lake. Nina embodies that of the innocent White Swan, but as she delves into her dark side to capture that of the Black Swan, finds herself consumed by obsession, paranoia, and spinning wildly into madness. The film was hauntingly beautiful and a true example of successful art cinema. Not only were the performances by the entire cast fantastic, but so too was the cinematography, mise-en-scene and of course the ballet. Another major appeal for me was the ballet costumes designed by the genius sisters behind Rodarte, all were exquisite but if I had to pick a favourite it would be between the Black Swan and Nina's gorgeous white party gown. The visual effects, particularly the contrasts of dark and light, are also enthralling. I came out of the cinema questioning myself and what I had just seen. This is certainly part of why the film is so successful, as I'm sure if I try to wrap my head around these questions I'll probably end up in the same spiral of madness as Nina. Although not for everyone, 'Black Swan' is wonderfully riveting and will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Its not a film that will be easy to forget x

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