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9:21:00 PM

Reflect Sandal Topshop/ Layer Ankle Boots/ Cheap Monday. 

I arrived home today to find not one, but two, pairs of shoes awaiting me. The first pair I've been after since last season, so I was thrilled when Topshop restocked them. They'll be my perfect summer shoes and an alternative to the chunky wedges and platforms that dominate my shoedrobe. As for the boots, I really didn't need them, but as black ankle boots are my go to shoes I thought they'd be a justified acquisition. Although I'm a big fan of Cheap Monday, these are actually my first item from the label. I love the simplicity and modern detailing on both pairs. Yes, I'm a shoe addict x

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  1. Love the shoes from topshop, really want to get hands on them, but I reckon they might be out of stock!