current obsessions: ruby + liam.

5:04:00 AM

Although I've been a fan of NZ label Ruby for several years, it seems in the past few seasons they have really upped their ante to a point where I am now completely enamoured by their collections. Something I love about Ruby is the way their garments have an air of understated quirkiness, in particular by way of signature prints and unexpected detailing, which is an aesthetic I adore. Not only is there the Ruby collection but also the Liam line, which is described as Ruby's slightly more sophisticated older sister. With two such amazing labels under one roof, and a fantastic shopping experience, me walking into a Ruby store is a danger zone for my credit card so it's vital I spread my visits out. Above are some of the latest pieces I have picked up over the past few months. I'm sure you'll see them styled in outfits very soon x

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