7:00:00 PM

On my nails at the moment is OPI Formidably Orange from the Outrageous Neons collection. I bought the set of four neon minis and I must say I was super excited, but now am rather disappointed. Having never used OPI minis before I found it rather difficult to apply as the brush is really small and it was difficult to get enough polish on the brush to cover the nail. Also, although the picture doesn't quite do it justice, I was expecting the colour to be more neon. I followed the instructions of using one coat of white base and then two of the chosen colour, but think the result may have been better if I'd done two coats of white base, which I shall try next time. Even though I finished them off with OPI top coat, the next day there were already signs of chipping, which is unusual for an OPI product. Overall the colours are really fun and I will try the others in the set but unfortunately this application did not live up to my expectation x

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