new in: shadow stud.

6:09:00 AM

If you guessed that the mystery shoe box contained the Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud then you would be correct. They are so insane and remind me a bit of pufferfish when I have a birds eye view of them. Despite how lethal they may look, only the studs around the ankle are sharp and the ones on the inside are flat meaning you can walk without fear of them catching against the other shoe. Although many reviews have said they are really heavy to walk in to be honest I haven't really noticed and find them easier than the Nightwalk. I bet these shoes will gain a lot of attention, and are probably a great form of self defense, as all being said, I reckon they can still cause some serious damage x

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  1. OMG! that particular JC has been on my wishlist in forever!
    So jealous :).
    Great post love