the dilemma, literally.

8:17:00 AM

In typical Thursday tradition, last night Jess and I went to the movies. We saw 'The Dilemma' and I left with exactly that...a dilemma as to whether the film was good or not. So Vince Vaughn isn't really my cup of tea, but his movies are usually pretty funny so at the least I thought I'd get a good laugh. Unfortunately, this wasn't really the case. Although the trailer pitched the film as a comedy I don't think there were enough laugh out loud moments to call it that, and these were spread sparsely between several awkward spells (including most of Queen Latifah's dialogue) and OTT moments. On the positive, there was the storyline, the drama and Channing Tatum. Overall, I think I can say I enjoyed it, it wasn't bad and I did laugh, but it definitely lacked that something for me to say it was good. 

It's very early days, but it certainly wasn't the best or the worst film I've seen this year x

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