les trompe-l'oeil de chanel.

8:42:00 AM

Although I've had the Chanel temporary tattoos for quite some time now, I didn't use many over the winter due to the fact they would be covered up most of the time and unable to be admired. Now summer is here I thought it was time to bring them out again. This time I chose one of the swallows and put it on my right hand (an idea I first saw on Clémence Poésy). I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and have already have numerous comments about it, believe me the photo doesn't do it justice. As they are Chanel, the tattoos are great quality and usually last well over a week but unfortunately this one is starting to rub off after a few days thanks to my cycling glove. I am really tempted to get a tattoo, but am still not certain of what I would get and where, so these temporary ones are a great way to achieve the look without the risk until I have made up my mind x

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