lita love.

12:36:00 AM

When I got home yesterday there was Solestruck box waiting for me, and inside my long awaited Litas! I wasn't expecting them until next week so was surprised they arrived early. When opening the box, they surpassed my expectations and were as amazing as I had hoped. Although I have only worn them for a short time so far they are incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in considering the epic height, one of the reasons I love them so much.  I ordered a 7 and they fit perfectly, because of the laces I can wear them with thin tights or thick socks. The distressed leather is not as distressed as I thought it would be, but i'm sure that will increase with wear. These shoes are fantastic, It's safe to say that Jeffrey Campbell has done it again. Never satisfied, I am now dying for another pair... my dilemma is deciding which colour to get next and when they'll be back in stock x

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  1. so jealous i want a pair:)xx check it out if you like follow me i will follow you back:)xx

  2. They're fab aren't they :)
    Awesome, love your looks :) I'm now following you x

  3. Where did you buy these from? I'm currently obsessing over these....and deciding between which shade of black...

  4. Thanks for commenting and sorry for my very late reply...better late than never tho :)
    I got mine from Solestruck, ( If you haven't head of them before they're a great website and mine arrived very quickly considering I live in NZ. I had the same decision as you, but eventually chose the distressed :)