1:43:00 AM

I admit this wasn't a movie I was that excited about seeing, but am glad I gave it a chance as I actually really enjoyed it. Inspired by true events, Secretariat is an underdog story about a horse who defies all odds to become one of the most successful racehorses in history, thanks to his owner's determination and refusal to give up. Yes, it offers everything you'd expect from an inspirational Disney story, and at times did cross into cheesy territory, but for the most part was exciting and heart warming. As the film is set in the 70's, I also thoroughly enjoyed the costumes, but did feel Diane Lane's unnaturally blue eyes were a tad distracting. Cinematography-wise, it was also pretty spectacular, as was the horse in the title role. It's definitely a feel-good movie for all ages that was a great escape to the cinema on a dull Sunday afternoon x

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