jeffrey campbell love.

6:29:00 AM

from top left corner: boxxy desert boot + bandit suede bootie + days studded heel + mary roks wedge + glen wedge
It's official I am now a JC addict! With the addition of the suede Bandit Booties (a christmas present to myself) my total is up to 5, but with the amazing new collection there are so many I am in love with I can see this number increasing significantly over the next few months. First of all, I'm dying to get my hands on a pair of Black Distressed Lita and Black Suede Foxy, of course these are out of stock everywhere in my size. Hopefully they'll be back soon...they are much needed additions to my wardrobe x

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  1. hello! just found your blog as i was researching Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I am so jealous of your collection!! anyway, I am thinking about ordering a pair of the 99 tie - do you find they run true to size? thanks!

  2. Hello! Thanks for commenting. So sorry for my late reply.
    The 99 tie are great and super comfy, but I would recommend ordering half a size up from your normal size. I usually wear a size 7, but had read reviews that the 99 tie were a tad on the small size so I decided to order a 7.5 and they fit perfectly :)