luella's guide to english style.

2:41:00 AM

I don't know whether it's because I'm from England, but I've always adored true British Style. To me, Luella (by designer Luella Bartley) epitomises the ultimate poster child for British Cool. I love that her clothes have an air of aristocratic heritage clashed with pop-punk styling, and youthful bravado, to create something fresh, quirky and just a little offbeat. As a massive Luella fan I was sad to see the close of the fashion label with her final collection shown in late 2009. However, I was excited to find this little gem,  'Luella's Guide To English Style', when I was browsing some weeks ago. Since then it has been slowly winging its way over from the UK and arrived on my doorstep yesterday. First impressions, I love the cover: the antiqued brown fabric and gold embossed lettering combined with a neon pink elastic is typical Luella. Flicking through the pages, there are some fantastic illustrations, profiles and chapters that I'm sure will contain the same ironic wit as Luella's clothing. It looks to be an interesting and entertaining read, I'm looking forward to reading it more detail and discovering 'What makes English girls the coolest in the world' x

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