laughing out loud.

9:28:00 AM

I'm a huge fan of French cinema, and 'LOL (laughing out loud)' is no exception. I watched it for the second time today and am pretty sure I will be seeing it again before the DVD is due back.  Although based around the usual teen movie issues (sex, drugs, parents and friendship) it's refreshing to see a teen movie where everything isn't so over exaggerated and in your face. LOL is almost reminiscent of an 80's brat pack classic, yet with a modern vibe and of course distinct French flair. I loved every part of the film from the characters and relationships, to the plot and idyllic Parisian set, not to mention the perfect balance of drama and comedy. I'm sad to admit that there is an American remake in the works, although by the same director, I cannot believe it will be any comparison to the French original. Sure Miley Cyrus is full of teen angst but I'm not convinced she'll do the role justice, and of course the dialogue will lack the same pizazz and wit. I definitely recommend seeing the original before the remake comes out, although I am interested to see how they interpret the plot, and who knows maybe Miley will surprise me x

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  1. A Miley Cyrus remake? That's really unfortunate. Liking your reviews!


  2. Thanks so much :) Yes, it's due out later this year with Demi Moore playing her mother, it will be interesting to compare the two which I will definitely post about when i've seen it x