movies of 2010.

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favourite 2010 movies

Give or take a few, I saw a total of 113 different movies last year. Although I do go to the cinema a lot, I never imagined it would be that many until my friend Jess and I compiled a list of them all. Looking back I'm also surprised how well I can remember each movie considering the amount of memory capacity that must take up. As there were a lot of great films out last year it was hard to pick the 'best', although picking my favourite was a no brainer (diehard Harry Potter fan here, but to avoid embarrassing myself I will not say how many times I've seen the latest installment). All things aside, here are my winners and losers of 2010:


Best Film: Inception

Best Drama: The Social Network

Best Animated: Despicable Me

Best Special Effects: Tron 3D

Best Romantic Comedy: Going The Distance

Best Art House: Nowhere Boy

Best Foreign: The Millennium Trilogy Series

Surprise Favourite: Easy A

Most Anticipated/Favourite: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1


Worst Film: Knight and Day

Surprise Disappointment: Alice in Wonderland (I think my expectations were a little high)

Strangest Film: A Single Man (strange as in interestingly bizarre, so not necessarily in the loser category)

Trailer Showed Us Everything: Mao's Last Dancer (why see the movie when you've seen all the main plot points already?)

Yes, there are a lot more winners than losers, but I do enjoy most films I see. I'm definitely looking forward to a movie-filled 2011 x

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