moschino belt.

4:01:00 AM

Over the new year we've been having a huge clear out at our house, I guess it's a very late spring clean considering we are now half way through summer. Although I've found a lot of things I wish I hadn't bought, I have also rediscovered some great items I had completely forgotten about, one of which is this amazing black Moschino belt of my mum's. It was originally given to her by my Aunty but had been put at the back of the wardrobe and forgotten. Imagine my surprise when she pulled it out the other day, I was so excited as these signature belts are coveted by bloggers and fashionistas worldwide. When I showed so much enthusiasm for the belt, mum seemed reluctant to hand it over and even offered to sell it to me, in the end I managed to talk her around and now have a fabulous new addition to my wardrobe, I still can't believe the luck and the fact it was right under my nose this whole time x

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